holidays in Sardinia
holidays in Sardinia
holidays in Sardinia
holidays in Sardinia

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The first thing that strikes you on arrival in Sardinia is the smell, a strong scent of Mediterranean surrounds you along with a very bright light that makes it unique colors.

Known mostly for the sea and beaches, among the most beautiful in the world, Sardinia offers much more: a still wild hinterland rich in flora and fauna, scenery with its lakes, rivers, forests often are used by many directors as a frame of film or commercials.
Not to mention the legendary hospitality of the Sardinian people with his kindness that can immediately make you feel at home, or cooking with simple ingredients that wins the most demanding palate, or the famous wines known and appreciated throughout the world.

An ancient land, among the oldest in Italy, rich in history and considered an open museum with many fascinating and mysterious monuments and archaeological sites.

Many do not know that Sardinia, thanks to the fresh air we breathe, has been called the island of centenarians, as the Sardinians are the longest-lived people of Italy and among the oldest in the world No coincidence that Sardinia is chosen each year as a preferred destination for a holiday away from the daily stress, dipped one place where the pace becomes slower and life goes on nicely.

A paradise on hand that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

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Sardinia is an Island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea and is the second Island of Italy. If you spend your holiday in Sardinia you will have the chance to spend your time in a heavenly place. Sardinia is known to be very special because it has shallow waters and crystal clear water, element that are normally found in a swimming pool. The climate in Sardinia is mild and during the year there are approximately 300 days of sunshine. This allows to go to the beach from April until the end of October. The prevalent wind is The Mistral from the northwest, a dry and cool wind that makes the summer not too hot. This wind also makes the Island perfect for windersurf and kitesurf lovers. If you rent a villa in Sardinia you will have the opportunity to know places untouched .

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